Designing an urban transport solution

Cycling became a highly viable and popular option during the pandemic. Through the initiative of the Cordillera Conservation Trust and consultation with urban planners, Vitamin B designed an easy-to-activate bike lane system for La Trinidad, Benguet that will hopefully transform into a long-term solution that can be used across the entire country.

The key features of the proposed buffered bike lanes include a street grid assignment, physical separation between the cyclists and vehicles, and exclusivity, wherein pedestrians and vehicles cannot share the lane space. The street grid assignment provides the ideal division of space on the road, and the physical separation provides safety for all road users. By implementing proper and highly visible lane markings, each section can be easily identified by users; markers will show where lanes begin, bike boxes at intersections will make cyclists visible for other road users, and jeepney stops will give way for other modes of transportation being used.

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