Always on the hunt for fresh ideas, we’re looking for like-minded individuals who share the same passion for learning and finding solutions.

We want the hungry ones, the foolish ones.


Our Client Managers solve the business objectives and challenges of our clients’ brands through strategic client relationships, paving the way for a seamless project management and delivery. They understand our clients’ business and needs, and will have a firsthand view of every aspect of the project. They are part of a team that is client-focused, but still very much collaborative with strategists, researchers, and designers. By providing strategic support across all stakeholders, our Client Managers drive business growth for clients and Vitamin B.
Our Account Executives handle and manage assigned clients, ensuring that the execution of a project, from beginning to completion – client briefing to client presentation to final artwork – goes smoothly and efficiently. They are Vitamin B’s brand advocates, clearly communicating our value to the client. They are closely attuned to the client’s various needs, in order to drive solutions and deliver value. Our Account Executives play an important role in driving positive client relationships and in building lasting relationships with them.
Our Art Directors are responsible for handling and taking lead on creative projects from conception to culmination – working with our creative directors, designers, and copywriters – conceptualizing and executing campaigns and various materials across all kinds of platforms. Their tasks and duties include but are not limited to: design conceptualization, layout, finalization of artwork, art direction, and project management. Art Directors must possess technical, as well as analytical and people skills.
Our designers and layout artists, aside from handling layouts and artwork, are involved in the critical brainstorming processes as they come up with compelling ideas and designs. In addition, they also face and present their work before clients—taking them through their creative process and designs.
Our copywriters are wordsmiths. Highly conceptual and articulate, they can come up with compelling ideas or concepts and translate them effectively across various platforms. They are brilliant and creative but above all, they are fearless —always ready to challenge the status quo, defend ideas, and embrace better ones. Our copywriters help build our clients’ brands by giving them a distinct voice, character, and identity, allowing them to connect with their audiences on a much deeper level. Basically, someone who works great and loves doing great work.

We’re always in search of graduate level students under our Creative and Marketing business segments. We have been mentoring and shaping young professionals through a focused and disciplined environment. We invest in each individual’s education through 1-1 mentoring sessions, in-house training as well workshops conducted by professionals to ensure the best possible learning experience for our employees.