The Power of Purpose

We create brands and experiences that solve problems and multiply the good.

The Strength of Design

We innovate and design solutions that are strategic and meaningful as they are beautiful and exciting.

The Value of Collaboration

We approach each project with insight, intent, and creativity coming from different perspectives.

How can we, as a multiplier, help change the world?

Through insight-driven strategy and purposeful design.

Through brands anchored in people’s lived experiences.

Our insight propels our clients to create better services and products, which in turn shape their companies into impactful brands that influence society. It’s using the power of good design to carve a better planet.


Brand Positioning
Brand Architecture
Purpose, Vision, Values
Brand Culture
Employer Brand

Environment Graphic Design

Integrated Marketing Campaign
Stakeholder Communications

Print Design

Design Thinking
System Design
Customer Journey

“Our family council worked with Vitamin B over the last year, gathering data, interviewing over 20 stakeholders, including senior government officials, bankers, customers, board members and management team members to gather the insights to support the decision to brand us the Gokongwei Group”
Lance Gokongwei, Gokongwei Group


Michelle Barretto

Founder / CEO

Jon Morales

Creative Director

Arlina Sore

Head of Finance

Rommel Aductante

Head of IT

Rex Mendoza

Advisory Board

Itos Cruz

Advisory Board